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Home loans can be used to buy new property, 2nd sale property as well as under construction property. Banks generally provide 80% of the property value as a home loan. The balance has to be arranged as the initial down payment to the builder/ seller. One can arrange the balance from savings, securities, fixed deposits, life insurance or through a personal loan. Nowadays some builders provide fully furnished flats to enable higher loan amounts. This also reduces the cost of furnishing the house on possession.

To acquiring any kind of loan from the financial institution or banks, requirement of a professional service is becoming very important now a days.

We are tied up with multiple banks in India in regards of Home Loan. We help you in getting hassle free Home Loan in a very competitive rate.

Our expert team asists you in the following area :
  • To get most competitive interest rates from the various banks.
  • Help you in choosing the appropriate rate selection.
  • Assists you in document organization and loan application.
  • Help you in getting higher loan amount.
  • Easy repayment option with convenient EMIs.
  • Flexible/Maximum loan tenure.
  • Help you through out the process duration.
  • We will be with you till you get your loan amount.

Loan against Property is a secured loan. If you own residential or commercial property you could utilize the value of the same by opting for a equitable mortgage loan. The property papers are taken as security for the loan at a much lesser rate than personal loan. The ownership of the property is retained by you. In case of inability to repay the loan the property could be disposed off to repay dues.

Normally loan against property is taken for a long term for working capital, expansion, repay expensive personal loans etc. You could also opt for an overdraft facility, which is renewed ever year.

To acquiring any kind of loan against property from the financial institution or banks, requirement of a professional service is becoming very important now a days. We are tied up with multiple banks in India in regards of loan against property. We help you in getting hassle free Loan in a very competitive rate.

Business loans are offered to small and medium enterprises towards working capital, expansion, or modernization of existing business. It could be either secured or unsecured. The idea is that if there is opportunity for growth at acceptable risk levels the banks will finance. Loan amounts offered could vary between Rs.5 lakh to Rs.50 lakh.

Secured loans could be against Property (movable /unmovable), Stocks or co-laterals like fixed deposits etc. Since the loans are secured the rate of interest likely would be lower than unsecured loans. Unsecured loans could be in the form of short, medium or long term loans for temporary/ bridge loans, Working capital or for purchase of machineries or other fixed assets.

We are tied up with some of the renowned Business Loan providers of India, offering loans at the most competitive interest rates. So, stop moving door to door in search of the cheapest business loans.

Dream Merchants are the No: 1 Residential and Commercial Properties Services providers in Kolkata. We provide assistance to Sell and buy properties in West Bengal. Our Services mainly concentrated in kolkata but we do assist our customers to get properties in other parts of West Bengal. Our extended services is available in all major cities in west Bengal.

You can find apartments, flats, land, villas, houses, commercial / office space and plots in major cities in west bengal.

We try and give you the most competitive, Professional and personalized service for your real estate requirement

  • We always try to exceed expectations of home buyers in the realty sector. It is all about making them realize that our plans are specially designed to make their dreams come true. Our comprehensive marketing & sales plans over the years have only ended up strengthening relationship with our customers.

  • We essentially deal in providing you the right information as we believe that transparency is the key to any transaction.

  • Our Service being advisory in nature give you a complete and comprehensive guidance on how to buy a property and appraise you on various Stamp Duty, Society Procedures, Income Tax, Repatriation and other related issues.

  • For property owner or an Investor, we arrange to lease your apartment/commercial premises to Companies of Repute and ensure you have crystal clear understanding of the contracts.

  • We advice to our customer for the best property solutions starting from the buying/selling to the after sale service, which ultimately nourishes our work.

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